Let me introduce myself, my name is Lee Bacon and I am the manager at a local business called Domestic Appliances Sudbury LTD. On the Sunday 12th June 2022, I am organising a charity footballing event with the hope of raising money on behalf of 4 charities. Rare Disease UK, Cancer Research UK, Success After Stroke & We Are Hourglass and this is why..........

Our Lula-Mae

Imagine the first 18 months of your little girl's life being a vicious roundabout of night upon night of  her crying in pain, followed by visits to A&E or out of hours doctors where they listen with their eyes. "Her lips are not blue now" "She looks fine" "It's Viral" 

Lula-Mae endured an torturous 18 months of being misdiagnosed and dismissed, until one doctor listened and looked into her condition further. It was discovered that Lula-Mae had a laryngeal cleft (   an abnormal opening between the larynx and the oesophagus through which food and liquid can pass through the larynx into the lungs. This causes a number of eating and breathing problems.) Lula-Mae underwent a theatre operation, which went well. 

However, this was not the end of Lula's ordeal for she still suffers from aspiration episodes. Lula-Mae cannot have a drink without a large amount of Carobel thickener turning the fluid to a jelly like consistency. Lula-Mae also cannot go and enjoy swimming  like a usual toddler because if she accidently swallows any water she will aspirate for days and become ill. This also applies for every day activities such as hair washing. Lula-Mae also cannot eat any foods that distribute liquid as again she will again aspirate and become ill, resulting in Lula once again being put on antibiotics. 

As of this writing Lula  has had over 59 courses of antibiotics for chest/lung infections, 45x steroid use, 88x hospital appointments, 10x different doctors, 4x consultants, 6x on oxygen 4x procedures and 2x theatre procedures/operations. As well as endless amounts of time spent crying/cuddles because she’s scared and doesn’t understand what’s going on. 

The saddest thing is Lula is approaching 3 years of age and her condition is  not showing any sign of improvement, on the contrary she is seems to be getting worse as the months pass. We are currently in discussions with specialists about Lula's swallowing issues and the next steps going forward due to the damage her lungs have sustained. If it wasn't for Lula's mum constantly fighting her battle from the day she was born, Lula's life would be even worse for she would never even have been diagnosed with the laryngeal cleft. Lula's constant health battle has inspired us to do what we can to raise awareness and money for Rare Disease UK, in the hope that no little one will have to suffer  what our beautiful princess has endured and no family to be put thought the exhausting battling we still continue to do till this day


Anyone who had ever met my Uncle Terry would know of his sense of humour and his larger than life personality. Terry's passion of speed and adventure was amplified by his love of Motocross and Bikes, he even built his own Harleys from nuts and bolts to prized and stunning looking motorcycles. 

Terry was a father two four children twins Rachel and Jessica, Mikey & Kim. He thought the world of his children and he would often rave to me at work about their accomplishments. 

At the age of 56 this life loving fun filled mans life would change forever when he was the recipient of some devastating news. Terry had oesophageal cancer.

Terry fought valiantly and with everything he could against this vicious disease, unfortunately for us all he was unable to beat this evil disease. 

This tragedy is the reason first persuaded me to raise money on behalf of charity. We wanted to use his memory and legacy in a positive way to raise money and awareness in the war against cancer and help others in the future hopefully avoid such a fate.

Oesophageal cancer is a cancer that starts in the food pipe. The foodpipe is also called the oesophagus or gullet.

Cancer is when abnormal cells start to divide and grow in an uncontrolled way. The cells can grow into surrounding tissues or organs, and may spread to other areas of the body. 


My grandad was a man who lived his life to the max. Once he retired from the family business in which he started, he lived a busy and active life. He spent his time playing bowls in which he represented Suffolk also was an integral member of both Great Cornard and Sudbury Bowls club. An avid gardener whos library of homegrown vegetables was impressive. On top of this he often sailed out of Brightlingsea to enjoy some quality time on the waves. Yet he still found time to watch and attend as many of AFC Sudbury matches as he could. 

Though he was a busy man who always had time for his friends and family. I have yet to ever meet such a confident man. However, if you met him today you would not be able to imagine how he was and how his life was.

Grandad and his life changed the day he suffered a stroke. Grandad at times now struggles to get his words out and he is no where the active life loving man he use to be. Success After Stroke helps survivors of strokes regain their confidence and rebuild their lives


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